About Upriver Readings

Called Upriver Readings since I live near a river, and what’s here is my take on pieces I read, including:

  • Reactions, comments, and writing exercises based on The Story Club postings by George Saunders.

  • Reactions and comments inspired by Heather Cox Richardson’s Letters From An American .

  • Other pieces of writing in various stages of completion.

My icons are the little mouse offering up the purple pebble, an image I made in cut paper, based on an illustration from Lio Lionni’s Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse:

And the perplexed observer, clipart I found online, and took the liberty of using in cropped and recolored forms:

My instant reactions to items I hear about are on my twitter account:


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August 2022- My comments on Saunders' Story Club and other things.


Sylvia Clark

reader and writer from Seattle